..™ 'The Sequel' - A game of skill and agility..™ / ...™ and .....™ also now available on the store(collect all 4).. ™ is now in 3D flying through a world of sound and graphics...™ is 2/6 of a set of highly rare designer apps.A mix of sound, graphics, and addictive game play.Simple, fun, pleasing to the eyes/ears/brains at the same time.Be part of the experience.It's all about the cool'ectable.Become one of a few select individuals who can own them all.Become one of us.NOW WITH ADDED TWITTER POWER. Let the world know about your Blue Balls.--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- instructions:The name of the game is survival. You are DOT™Tilt the phone to guide DOT in this 3D worldBlue balls are food.Red triangles are death.DOT™ is hungry and shrinks without food.Red death will make your DOT hungrier.SURVIVE ..™

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