Chess Nuggets Decoys and Deflections Pack

Chess Nuggets Decoys and Deflections Pack provides 30 varied problems involving the tactical use of decoys and deflections. These problems are designed to sharpen the player’s pattern recognition of key tactical ideas. Similar important tactical material is presented in the Pins and Skewers Pack. Best value for most players will be the MegaPack of 600 problems, with a level of difficulty from easy to Grandmaster level.

To solve a problem, touch the correct piece to make it light up(reverse the process by tapping it again), then move it to the correct square, which will also light up. If your move is incorrect, the square will show an x; touch the square again to cancel the incorrect move. If you need a hint, tap the Hint button once for the right piece, twice for the correct move. To choose different chess pieces, go to Settings.

Chess Nuggets products currently available:

Mate in 1 Pack of 40 problems
Mate in 1 SuperPack of 200 problems
Mate in 2 Pack of 30 problems
Mate in 2 SuperPack of 180 problems
Mate in 3 Pack of 25 problems
Mate in 3 SuperPack of 75 problems
Pins and Skewers Pack of 30 problems
Decoys and Deflections Pack of 30 problems
Brain Ticklers Pack of 40 problems
Brain Busters Pack of 45 problems

MegaPack of all Packs listed above, 600 problems

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