Charadium is a draw-and-guess multiplayer game for the iPhone inspired by games like Pictionary and Charades.

Whatdoeshemean-ium… Whatsthatword-ium… Charadium!
Where swift hands meet the biggest brain.

What if binoculars become a cow? Will it moo or zoom in or both? Can you draw the emptiness? Or guess the surface? Well, you have to if you launch Charadium—an ultimate multiplayer iPhone game and a great e-analogue of the famous hand-held charades game for all fast-fingered quiz lovers.

Charadium is a fast & furious draw-and-guess multiplayer game that guarantees you’ll be drawn in. All you have is about a minute to turn a drawn charade to history. Now you can have a really good time playing against your mates. Or against anyone—nothing can compare to the excitement of competing with your friends or a complete stranger online.

? Full Game of 15 rounds and a Quick One mode—when you join someone's Full Game (in the event of a free game slot for you) and play until the end
? Supports 7 languages—you play against people that understand your language
? Multiplayer only—it's a well-known fact that one is the loneliest number
? Hint system—hints appear when players cannot work out the answer to a charade
? A scoreboard after each round to keep track of the game
? 9-color palette for more precise expression of your talent
? More features than the hand-held analogues you find in stores. This is the 21st Century, after all.
? Each language version has a HUGE charade dictionary (nouns only)—play for as long as you want to

Charadium is approved by Plus+ social play network (these guys do not accept weak apps) so you'll be able to see your global scores and compare it to thousands of other gamers' records. In addition, this game is really for all ages: if you are somewhere between "mammme, buy me a crayon" and "senile dementia, I can seee you-u-u", you are welcome to play Charadium! As this game makes you: a) imagine, b) create and c) think, i.e. the 3 greatest things the majority of people lack nowadays.

Download now and prove to yourself you are in the minority.

Please note: permanent Internet connectivity is required to play Charadium

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