Super Word Search combines the classic word search game with a new feature that allows you to hunt for English words in a sea of letters.

Features include:
VERY USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Innovative new point-and-click (tap and release) interface makes choosing the wrong letter a thing of the past. You simply touch the screen and a bright circle will appear above your finger. Keep your finger on the screen and drag the circle so that it is over the first letter in the word you want to select. Release your finger and it will be selected. Repeat for the last letter in the word.

WORD SEARCH options include:

You're given eight random words/names to find in a sea of letters. Words can appear up, down, left, right, or any diagonal direction. If you aren't happy with the words, you can shake your phone to get a new list of words!

FREE FIND option allows you to find any words you want. Rather than being given a list, you are at liberty to find any English words (including peoples' names) that exist in the pool of letters. Words must be at least 3 letters long. You can pick a one minute game, three minute game, five minute game, or ten minute game. When the game is over, you will have the ability to view all the possible words that existed in the pool of letters. Words that were actually found are highlighted.

Multi-touch supported! Use two fingers to scroll through list of words you already found.

Separate high scores kept for each type of game. High scores are saved and then retrieved every time the application starts. You can shake your phone to clear the high scores (after confirmation).

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