4 for Secugrid® is a cool game. Exactly what you need to relax, train your brain - during a break, while waiting for the cab or during the bus ride.

Place 4 stones in one row - horizontal, vertical or diagonal. They always fall down to the lowest spot in the geogrid. But careful, the computer will try the same! So start placing some aggregate between the Secugrid® geogrid apertures.

The classic and popular game for people of any age - easy to understand but still a challenge.

Great graphic and animation as well as sounds mark this game.

Secugrid® geogrids are an ideal product to reinforce soil. Secugrid® is used mainly for base reinforcement, mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) wall construction including veneer stabilisation, the segmental retaining wall (SRW) market, embankment reinforcement, load transfer platforms over pile caps and other soil reinforcement applications.

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