13 Moons is a puzzle game where you guide a lonely robot probe through the wondrous sights of a mysterious and beautiful planet's many moons. Getting from place to place requires that players stack three robot probes together to launch them all to the next moon.

Every level is simple to play. Players just slide the main robot around in any direction to try and solve the puzzles.

Each moon has a variety of levels with unique twists and challenges. Some moons have stone blockades, others have slippery crystalline surfaces, and still others hold more challenging secrets.


- Simple, intuitive controls
- 52 Levels of increasing difficulty
- Hours of challenges
- New levels unlocked automatically
- Progress saved automatically at every step
- Levels can be restarted, and moves undone
- Fascinating, colorful and unique backdrops
- In-game background story of a robot's exploration of space

Appropriate for all ages and abilities, 13 Moons attempts to bring a classic family puzzle feeling to the video-game age with fast-paced music and a unique presentation.

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