The doomsday of 2012 is comingwhat would you do if you don't have 1 billian to buy the ark ticket? Don't worry you still have a chance! The alien from Galaxy GS8012 is here to collect species sample of earth. And of course, it's completely FREE! 1000 best human gene samples. Clock is ticking...You need this mini game to warm up. Simple rules:Tap on "Yourself" to start. Move from left to right and bounce on meteos. Then you go all the way up! 5 items for you: parachute, rebound airbag, rocket boots, primary rocket, advanced rocket. How high can you get? Remember: first 1000 people get picked up. What're you waiting for? Get the game and start!

- Instant fun.
- For all level players from 5 years old kid to adult.
- Funny In-game action.
- Life time free upgrade.
- Fantastic game effects powered by particle system.
- Internet ranking list to compete with the world for the highest score.
- Openfeint ranking system integrated.
- Vivid sound effects.
- An excellent spare time killer, if you have some!

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