If you play Tetris (or any other generic falling block game) and you've ever wondered how all those blocks get to where they need to be, then you need to get out more.

But, since you're here, welcome to the world of Block Depot!

At Block Depot, it's your job to make sure every falling block game loving gamer gets their blocks as and when they need them. Which is usually Right Now!

You're up against the clock as the orders come through thick and fast. Navigate your way from one end of Block Depot to the other to get those orders out on time.

But don't get too comfortable! Blocks pile up faster than you can ship 'em out. In the world of Block Depot, the tragically obsessive compulsive pedant is king.

Block Depot also comes with Openfeint built it, so you can compete with friends or the world at large, unlock achievments or simply take time out in the 'In Game Chat' rooms to ruminate out loud about the trials and tibulations of a life thus far. The fortunes won and favours lost. The loves that once felt so eternal and unbeatable, and the petty hates and thoughtless disregard that replaced them.

There's all of this and more in Block Depot!

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