Physics technology now comes to BOMB HERO! Limited time sale!!!

Challenge yourself! BOMB HERO brings you a new way to test your overall ability, which involves considering multiple factors such as prioritization, physics, timing, interactions and sequence to disarm all sorts of bombs in each scene within limited time before they explode!

To disarm a bomb, you will have to wear the kid's gloves by tapping on these bombs' icon and a red colour cross sign will be shown, indicating that bomb has been disarmed.

There are five types of bombs in total and each of them has different nature. You need to be careful about its difference, and the detailed introduction can be found in the game help.

There are totally 32 stages, and you can select the first 24 stages in the stage selector screen and play them as many times as you wish. The next 8 stages (Stages 25-32) are hidden stages, and you only have one chance to pass them. If you are failed in any of these hidden stages, the game will be over! Thus, you need to have a strong stomach to play that!

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