Connect4 Plus is a game package of classic Connect 4 game + a bonus game Connect 3 Color.

The rules are simple:
Try to connect 4 balls with the same color either vertically, horizontally or diagonally;

In classic game Connect4,
2 players alternate drop balls into the play area. You win when 4 consecutive balls line up.
You can choose to play solo (3 difficulty levels) or play against a friend.

In bonus game Connect3 Color:
Any 3 consecutive balls are eliminated from the play area. The iphone (or ipod) puts more color in the play area as you advance to the next level, the game is over when the play area fills up.

Why buy full version:
- Play with 3 difficulty levels
- Extra bonus game Connect3 Color

You can buy the bonus game Connect3 Color separately for US$0.99.

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