If drawn character becomes the game character,
If you can create a new game together with your kids,
“TEN” is a game that entire family can enjoy.

When irritated, draw the reason and ask “TEN-chan” to swallow everything.

----------Secret of “TEN!”
Ten(My son): Dad, please make a new game for me.
Ten(My son) I will help you.

Me: You say you help me but you are just a boy.
Ten(My son): That’s alright, I am a game nerd.
Me: ….
Me: Then if you draw a character, I will make it move in the game.
Ten(My son): OK, I will do that.
Me: I will call you when the program is ready.
Ten(My son): OK, Dad.

And I try to create a trick.
Me: This is it.

Me: Ten, we are ready, come on.
Ten(My son): Coming, Dad.
Me: Draw your character.
Ten(My son): Alright.

Ten(My son): Here it is.
Me: Now, start the game.
Ten(My son): Oh my god, did I draw my opponent?
Me: Yap, your character is a bad guy.
Ten(My son): D'ooooooh.

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