A Universally fun app for kids of all ages! The little ones love it - and adults could always use a smile ;) Have you high fived your iPhone or iPad today?

Enjoy random and humorous hands, cheers, animated graphics & general good times!

• Colorful tilt-activated fun for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch
• Robot, skeleton, alien, boxer, cat and more
• a friendly voice to cheer you on
• random settings are a hit with the youngins!
• autorotates to allow even upside down high-fiving
• encourages smiling, giggles, and general positivity ;)

Are you celebrating enough? Consider the following High-Five-worthy triumphs:

• Aced an interview? - High five, my man!
• Potty-training complete? - Gimme 5, kiddo!
• Massive day of meetings in those heels? - Right on, sister!

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