Knighuzzles is a set of fun knight puzzles that go beyond the classical knight's tour problem by bringing more challenges and twists to the chessboard. At the heart of each Knighuzzle is still the desire to visit each and every square once and only once, but along the journey your knight will gain points by each move advance. Pick up additional points by capturing treasure chests and removing enemy pieces that are blocking the way as you jump around all 64 chessboard squares. Points gained, time used, and distance traveled all contribute to each puzzle's ranking results thereby allowing game play that makes Knighuzzles fun beyond simply solving the puzzle once.

Knighuzzle puzzles include:

* Treasured Lot Trot - Strategically move the knight to all 64 squares and capture treasure chests to gain additional points.

* Royal Chest Quest - Similar to the Treasured Lot Trot except you have to avoid the squares protected by the King. You can select one to three Kings that will guard portions of the chessboard. Avoid the squares under attack until you can capture the King on your quest to visit all 64 squares.

* Bishop's Hop Stop - The twists continue as now one to three Bishops stand in the way. The grasp of the Bishop's diagonal reach stretches across the chessboard preventing more squares from safely being visited.

* Rank and File Denial - The rank and file attack from one to three Rooks adds new challenges. Avoid the squares under his grip until you are able to capture him.

* Her Majesty's Gambit - This puzzle brings one to three Queens onto the chessboard. The majestic Queen's long reach stretches across the ranks, files, and diagonals. Can you complete the 64 square journey with her in your way?

* Random Traps and Snares - The challenges increase as this puzzle randomly determines which enemy piece will guard portions of the chessboard. Once you capture an enemy, this puzzle might allow another randomly selected piece to stand guard.

* Double Knight Delight - This Knighuzzle adds a second knight on the chessboard that makes similar reverse moves for every move your knight makes. You and your knight's double try to complete the adventure to each visit 32 squares thereby both jumping to all 64 squares.

Options allow you to choose different light and dark square combinations, turn sound on and off, hide or show the available moves allowed as well as which squares are under attack. In addition you can select other game play aspects for each Knighuzzle such as how much time is allowed or how many attacking pieces can appear at any given time on the chessboard (when applicable).

Test your knight vision and see if you can make it to all 64 squares on the chessboard.

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