Play one of the most addictive word games available on the iPhone.
While even the youngest children can play the easy levels of the game,
its still a challenge for the most experienced users at the hardest
This new type of word game deftly mixes knowledge of language and strategy skills.

Goal of the game:

Use the letters displayed on the grid to create words.
You have to eliminate letters to complete the grid.

You'll get more and more experienced with each completed grid.
When your experience meter is full you can proceed to the next level.

Take your time, think carefully and use all of the letters to create a perfect grid and gain three times more experience.


- Game grids of variable size
- 2 game modes: Fast or Challenge
- 3 levels of difficulty
- A dictionary of more than 150,000 words for each language
- Play the game in French, English, German, Spanish or Italian.

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