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Not getting keyword from arcane labyrinth. Please help?

I'm in mirrors and I'm not getting a keyword from the guy. And I was in dense fog, and didn't get any key words from the ancient text the guy read, he said dragoon a few times but nothing happened.


Elimmm answered:

I don't like unanswered questions, so screw the lateness.

You don't get any new keywords in the Mirror level, you only get a hint for the Darkness level.

In the future, please refer to these two guides for any difficulties regarding any Arcane Labyrinth levels:
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noname112233 answered:

Every floor in the arcane labyrinth has a mini quest. When you complete the mini quest, you will get a reward- a new keyword, or an in game hint. (You actually get a key item for completing the "last" floor.) The mirror floor gives you hint for the darkness floor instead of a keyword.
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