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Defend the galaxy from the hoards of incoming enemy aliens in this classic fast-paced invader arcade game. Only you, the Cosmic Defender, stand between your planet and complete destruction. In the beginning, the aliens think you are vulnerable and send their less advanced forces to attack you. As the missile commander you must plan your battle strategy well, destroy the invaders, and sell their parts for cash. Improve your skills to be able to purchase bigger missiles, smart-bombs, advanced force fields, and supplemental energy. You will need them to defend against the powerful weapons the alien reinforcements call in an attempt to defeat you!

Cosmic Defender features:
• Classic arcade action
• Easy to learn, but difficult to master gameplay
• Six levels with multiple stages in each
• Multiple enemies populate each level
• Tap, Slide, and Shake action to implement different attack modes
• Cash earnings used to purchase energy, force fields and missiles
• Auto-save to make it easy to jump right back into the gameplay
• Fantastic soundtracks

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