'Shake Up' your next dorm or frat party! Goo Shooter is a fun one-handed goo-shooting target-shooting game. LOL fun!

- Pressurize your Goo Gun by shaking and aim your shot
- Add more power by stroking your pump grip up and down
- The goo will automatically be released when time runs out
- Aim by tilting your phone

Your score is based on power and accuracy. You get 3 shots and if your score is better than the current high score, you win!

Sounds simple and it is, but it also takes practice before you learn how to rack up the big scores.

- Great graphics with lots of 3D splashes and splats!
- Position the bulls-eye anywhere on the target for an added bonus
- Play your own iPod music or listen to the snappy tunes that come with the game
- Vibration alert option (iPhone only) to let you know when to stop shaking and to start aiming
- High Scores

Goo Shooter Expansion Pack can be purchased in-app:
- Pick any photo from your album
- Use your iPhone camera to take a picture to use for a target
- Save your Goo creations to email friends
- OpenFeint enabled! Global Scores, Friends Scores (Facebook, Twitter, OpenFeint), and more!

Great to pass around and watch your friends play! Goo Shooting with friends is as much fun as playing yourself!

Goo Shooter is free and fully functional! If you want to choose your own targets to shoot at, save your goo-shots to eMail friends, or compare your scores with your Facebook, Twitter, or OpenFeint friends (or the world!), the Goo Shooter Expansion Pack is offered for purchase in-app.

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