HairyBlox love to march. Prevent them from advancing down the screen by tapping below the line. This sends any captured HairyBlox crashing back at speed into ranks of the same colour, destroying them all.

---------- How to Play ----------------
The HairyBlox appear at the top of the screen in one of five columns.

Any HairBlox already in the column will advance down the screen.

To capture a HairyBlox, you tap the screen, beneath one of the five columns.

Choose which column to send the HairyBlox back up the screen by tapping again.

If the HairyBlox collides with any of the same colour they are destroyed.

If a HairyBlox collides with a different colour, they are swapped.

Score Ten Thousand bonus points for destroying an entire column of HairyBlox.

A danger alert shows when the HairyBlox are about to overrun.

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