Drive different vessels, operate shore battery, escort caravans, search for stolen cargo, destroy pirate bases, participate in sea racing, sink pirate ships and discover The Secret of The Lost Galleon in this visually striking adventure game!

Ahoy, landlubbers!
Have ye ever wanted to be sailin' through mysterious an' dangerous Caribbean seas? Do ye want to meet a lot of interesting people during yer travels? How about shootin' them scurvy dogs on sight?

If ye answer'd "yeah!" to any of these questions, then ye'll be more than welcome aboard the Crestwiggler! Our current vacancies are: shipboy. Might not sound all that lucrative, yea, but believe us, it's going to be a wild ride. Yo-ho-ho!


Shoot everything that moves 'till it stops movin' and starts sinkin'.
Catch fishies (rum appetizer).
Train yer muscles through intensive rowing.
Highjack a galley and ram yer enemies (what what).
Outfit yer rig and participate in illegal sea racing.
Defend and destroy fortresses (good memory required).
Escort caravans and protect the cargo.
Find and gather various thingies floatin' in the sea.
Solve riddles told by scholar landlubbers.
Discover a terrible and horrifying secret behind, uh, something.


Workin' outdoors in warm climate.
Near unlimited access to rum.
Free swimming lessons.
Extensive shooting practice.

Social environment:

Captain. Old and experienced. Has large grey beard. Likes rum.
First mate. Strong, silent type. Has black beard and chest hair. Likes rum.
Mateys. Numerous and anonymous, they are legion. Like rum (presumably).
Shipboy. You! Beardless, young and inexperienced, but smart beyond your years. Not sure about rum.
The Crestwiggler. Our ship, our beauty, our home. No beard, at least one that anyone knows of. Indifferent to rum for some reason.
Pirates. Yarr! There be lots of 'em scoundrels, with beards and without 'em, and ye be kickin' their behinds all day! Really like rum.
Scarlet Cove mayor. Kind, generous and fluffy. No beard, all belly. Gets dizzy at mere sight of rum.

Potential candidates should apply by clickin' "Buy App" right away. Yarr!

(Game trailer is available now on our site)

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