Your mission: conquer Sector Six. You start on Galactica with 100 ships and 100 tanks and hop from planet to planet until you've conquered them all. Collect fuel and money from your planets to buy more ships and tanks and travel across the sector. With each year that passes your planets will grow and produce more resources. However, the enemy planets will also grow and build up their own armies making them harder to conquer.

Control the government of your planets by setting the agriculture, economy, and mining rates. Increasing agriculture will make the planet grow faster, increasing economy means you collect more money, and increasing mining makes the planet produce more fuel.

Your goal is to conquer the universe as fast as possible to get the highest score. Scout planets out to plan your attacks and waste as little time as possible. Play on three different game lengths/map sizes, and on three different difficulty levels.

Sector Six is a throwback to the old genre of "space opera" games such as Galactic Empire which was the inspiration for a line of space conquest games including Spaceward Ho! and Master of Orion. Proceeds from this game will go to fund future versions with more features and strategies. Happy conquering!

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