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Universe War is now bringing Apple iPhone users and Google Android users together into the same universe for an unforgettable experience. The two largest smart phone competitors get to play a game side by side together.

You start with one world, and over time you build up your fleet, knowledge and defenses until you are powerful enough to conquer your enemies and foes. Alas not all players are enemies, you may form powerful alliances in the game with real players and people from around the world.

With the help of your allies you are able to create an economic and very powerful infrastructure to help support your fleet and technological advancements.

If your alliances chooses it can declare a war on another and plunder its members for rare resources.

If you prefer to be more peaceful you may also negotiate a trade between other players with the advanced messaging system and live chat.

After a time you will build a fleet of ships so powerful that no enemy can overcome your crushing force.

Universe wars contains an endless amount of paths for you to choose, which will you choose?

Will you destroy all those in your galaxy? Or will you build an alliance with them and rise up to defeat players in other galaxies? Will you attack helpless players?

Universe Wars features:

1. A real-time-strategy experience
2. Fast paced and interesting gameplay
3. Different quests that your ships may depart on to find treasures and riches beyond imagination.
4. Players can build many different kinds of ships.
5. You can join with other players in an effort to defeat more powerful enemies.
6. You can learn knew knowledge and use it against your enemies.
7. The size of your alliance actually matters
8. There are three different resources for you to produce, trade, or take from others, metal, crystal, and deuterium.
9. Debris fields are left around planets after a battle
10. Has a competitive rank system where you compete to be the very best.
11. Has beautiful artwork from around the galaxy.
12. There are a lot of players who play this game that are willing to help and show you how to play.
13. An advanced social networking system including a buddy list, forum, and a chat room to connect to other players
14. Proven to be the most addictive online game on the app store
15. In app calculator to figure out how many ships, resources, or anything you will need
16. Helpful information and news ticker
17. Realistic sounds to enhance your experience
18. Play with Google Android Users

This game will give you an unforgettable experience and you'll barely be able to put down your iPhone/iTouch.

NOTE: This app requires an internet connection, when you first open it wait for the game to load from the server.

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