We've received reports of a number of bugs that make J-Stache pop off the screen on the iphone. These bugs have been addressed in the new update. If you do encounter this, just restart the level when that happens or try powering down your iphone and restarting. That seems to help.

**Run J-Stache, Run**
This is a story of a man and his mustache...
But not just any old mustache, it's a story about John Oates' mustache!!!
John Oates is the crown prince of Rock n' Soul, J-Stache is a kick-a*s 80's mustache.
After 20 years apart they're finally getting back together but first...


**Physics-Driven Puzzle-Action**
Help bust J-Stache out of over 35 levels of rehab using the power of your finger-swipes.
Charge through breakable walls, bank J-Stache off of obstacles, collect Rock n' Soul power-ups or hop onto a turntable and get taken for a spin!

**Fresh Tunes and funky bleeps**
Jam to the Surrealist-80's-Robo-Hop by the up and coming synth-Mozart Horse Robot. Unlock additional music tracks and play those funky loops in our in-game music player

**Lots to Unlock**
If a whole album's worth of music loops wasn't enough, we'll even throw in a few additional styles of Stache so you can try to bust out of rehab with altered physics and a fresh step. Collect Rock n' Soul Tapes to unlock these and other fun stuff!

**More Fun to Come**
With two substantial free updates planned to follow the initial release; expect lots more levels, lots more staches and a lot more Rock n' Soul...

-Awesome Graphics
-Amazing Music and Sounds
-Crazy Unlockables
-Fresh Attitude

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