Dracula attack is a fast action & puzzle game that requires your mind and body reaction. The game has total of 36 levels with a full of unique items such as holy water, fire, missile like cross, monsters including 3 special nasty, moron bosses; Skeleton pirate who has the most powerful and smelliest weapon in the world. You will find out why; Werewolf who has the most disgusting taste in the whole world but you will definitely love his nasty performance. Last, Count Dracula's worst cousin, Drakla. Only thing that is known about him is that his role model is "Super Duper man", the counterfeit of Supermanne.
Don't be surprised if the game gives you an illusion that this is a 36 in 1 game. Because IT IS!

Count Dracula is on a whole new journey, searching for his lost golden heart which was stolen by his jealous cousin, Drakla.

Starting with his own name, Drakla hated that he was named "Drakla". His name sounded very moron that no one wanted him in any novels or movies. Instead, people always chose Dracula to be in their projects.

Also, there was something else that preventing him from getting a job, and that was he couldn't transform into a bat nor fly. "What good is it if a vampire can°Øt fly?" people asked. And, that made Drakla more desires to fly but he couldn't do anything about it except for watching his favorite movie, the "Super Duper man", dreaming of flying. After googling for a while, he found and ordered a limited edition of blue and red Super Duper man suit. But still that did not give him the total satisfaction.

And finally, Drakla decided to take an action and stole Count Dracula's golden heart. Without it, Dracula won't last long for some reason, and don't ask me why because I don't know why too. Only Count knows...

Anyway, that's not the only thing he did. He also hired gangs to keep Count Dracula away from the stolen golden heart. And they called themselves, Skeleton pirate and werewolf.
Count Dracula decided to take his golden heart back no matter what it takes. Since he joined the Human World, he gave up using his fangs to drink human blood, but eat ketchup. Since he forbidden himself from using his fangs, his only weapon is two big fists that he was born with. The world thought that his fang was only weapon until now. His fists were so powerful that even the "Fist of South star" could not be matched against his. (Note: If you don't know what "Fist of South star" is, google for opposite of Fist of South star)

And now, his adventure begins... and that can't happen without your help.

How to play:
You don't need a dummy virtual joystick or buttons that never work out as you expected to. In this game, all you need is your forefinger touching and swiping on the screen. The control is very simple that you don't even need a long texted help description to understand how to play.

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