A unique Global GPS adventure based on collecting 1000 weird and wonderful items! GPS mode uses real maps and locations so the only limit is your own sense of adventure! Will you find’em all?***************UPDATE**************What’s New in Version 1.2 ?100 NEW ITEMS!Get them while their hot! 100 new items for you to find! ?GO FISHING!That’s right, you can now fish for items in the rivers and lakes of the 1000 world. ?NEW BADGES!Earn these coveted new badges to grow your collection of accolades! ?OTHER IMPROVEMENTSGeneral bug fixes. Thanks for all the feedback! Keep it coming and remember to rate us. The higher our rating, the more updates we can provide!_______________________________Venture through an imaginary world of exploration and collection! ‘1000: Find ‘Em All!’ is a unique adventure game which uses your iPhone’s GPS capabilities to search out over 1000 weird and wonderful items located around you. Collect everything from a half eaten jam sandwich to a monkey with a typewriter. Explore, discover and interact in real-life locations and in a vibrant animated world. Collect all items no matter where you are!DISCOVER ITEMS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARDUse GPS to hunt down even more collectables! Locate new items in the game world by navigating the real world with the innovative use of Google Maps.TREASURE HUNTLocate informative, whimsical, wacky, and even bizarre items on your interactive quest. From a glass eye to a pot of invisible ink, each trinket and gizmo is a missing piece of the collection.PAINT THE TOWNBring life and colour to a drab grey world by venturing off to uncharted territories. Shake trees, spin windmills, and poke chickens to discover hidden items.FIND A GIFTER NEAR YOU!Seek out item sharing Gifters who are generated from registered Wi-Fi hotspots near your location. Find a slice of moon cheese at your local coffee shop, or discover a bucking bronco in the library.REQUIREMENTS:For the best experience play on iPhone with 3.0 OS. GPS Mode is not available with iTouch.English only Check out other Glu games:?World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend?Deer Hunter African Safari?Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year?Deer Hunter 3D?Family Guy: Uncensored?TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING?Super KO Boxing 2?Build-a-lotCOMING SOON: Don’t be a T.O.O.L. Prepare to enlist with the GUN BROSFOLLOW US

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