Demons have started rising from the underworld, but oddly enough they perish when placed in rows or columns of four or more matching colors. That’s where you come in!

Use your pattern matching skills and digital dexterity to maneuver, rotate and slide stones into strategic positions to eliminate the hordes of demons and save the world.

“This game is fantastic. Highly addictive and exactly what a game should look like on the iPhone.”

“I've been looking for a replacement for Dr. Mario since my 8-bit Nintendo gave up the ghost. THIS IS IT! Positively addicting and it's easily worth twice what I paid for it. You Rock!”

“I've bought so many games, but this one is one of the best. Simple, fun, easy to pick up and put down as needed, which makes it great to play on the bus, etc. Lots of fun - the first game ever to make it to my home screen!”

"I can't stop playing!"


- Simple controls
- 20 main levels with different demon populations (and infinite bonus levels after level 20)
- 3 different game speeds
- Autosaving
- Over 20 Achievements
- Scoreboard
- Listen to your own music while you play!

An expansion pack that adds entirely new game modes is also available for purchase. This expansion pack adds all new content and game modes for you to play in. If you enjoy the main game we definitely recommend you check this out.

Good luck!

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