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How easy is it to increase stats in the game?

Besides leveling-up are there ways to "grind" stats?

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MaritimeXpat answered:

Although on the lowest difficulty, this game is easy enough without optimal play, here is what I've found so far:

* Strength is boosted by +2 for every so many swings of the chainsaw. Chainsaw EVERYTHING. It appears to happen every 20-50 swings. Maybe at longer intervals as you go but I haven't noticed so far. Requires valid targets so is difficult to "grind" but comes in the course of optimal play..
* Agility is boosted by +2 by every completion of the treadmill minigame (which requires 20 screentaps). Each attempt takes 2 UAC credits (which are plentiful). Very easy but slightly tedious to grind to 99 fairly soon into the game so a low priority for initial character choice. Needs to be done at a treadmill so location-specific.
* Accuracy is boosted by +2 for every completion of the sniping minigame (which requires and 8 screentaps). Each attempt takes 2 UAC credits. Very easy and fairly fun but requires some focus. Needs to be done at specific terminals so location-specific.
* Defense is boosted by +1 for every 5 Armor Shards you convert into Flak Jackets. Save EVERY Armor Shard! Resource-intensive and very slow rate of return but comes in the course of optimal play.
* IQ is increased by +2 for every successful Hacking attempt. Sentinal terminals are easier to hack than vending machines. Location specific and limited opportunities but this stat doesn't appear to be as useful as the others anyway.
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