? MARCH 28, 2010: Candywriter has announced that Dogs Playing Poker is coming soon for iPhone/iPod touch!

We're making Ultimate Hold'em FREE to celebrate! Enjoy!

Become an expert at the latest Las Vegas table sensation! Ultimate Hold'em is the fast-paced Texas Hold'em poker game in which you compete in a head-to-head battle against the dealer.

Follow the detailed tutorial to learn how to play and then enjoy the quick pace and beautiful graphics of this addictive solitaire-like poker app.

Ultimate Hold'em is OpenFeint-enabled.

? Detailed tutorial for beginners
? Rich graphics and animation (our prettiest casino app yet)
? Sassy dealer, casino ambience, and other SFX
? Calculate your mathematical odds at any stage in a hand
? Popular slang nicknames for starting pre-flop hands
? Fast-paced, casino-realistic action
? Stat-tracking
? Customizable settings
? 12 clever OpenFeint achievements to unlock
? Global scoreboards (including Geolocation-based scoreboards)
? OpenFeint chat room and support for IM
? Twitter and Facebook integration
? OpenFeint 2.4 and all that comes with it...

? Dealer Voice: Bethany Therese. Produced by Fearnot Music. ?

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