FoosyBall is a foosball table soccer simulation game developed for the Iphone/Ipod Touch. Physics is applied extensively to provide a highly realistic simulation from a real world perspective. The ball acts according to the laws of physics and moves at different speeds and in any direction depending on the amount of force applied when hitting the ball and the position of contact between the player and the ball.

There are two methods of controlling the rods: by touch control and/or motion control (accelerometer). Touch control still operates with motion control to allow CALIBRATION of rods for the angle at which a user holds the device (Iphone/Ipod touch) and to SPIN the rods.

The game is in 3D, and the table can be viewed/operated from different camera angles (Table layed horizontally/vertically and perspective views) and also a zoom in/out function. When zoomed in the camera follows the ball.

The game can be stopped at any point. Its state is automatically saved so that the game can be resumed when the application is restarted.

A sophisticated scoring mechanism allows you to earn points and free balls for earning further points. Your score can be posted to the online geographically location aware leader board so you can compete against other players/friends in a geographical region or the whole world. Note your geographical location and sign in information (e.g. actual name/email) is kept absolutely private and not displayed with your score

This game is optimally played on later devices such as Iphone 3GS. Older devices will be sluggish.

Originally called "Real Foosball". Forced name change due to claim it infringes with the name "Real Football".

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