Sqramble is an ingenious sliding puzzle for the iPhone that makes its players think like no other.

It consists of a 4*4 grid of squares that are sqrambled and must then be restored to its initial state like the famous Rubiks Cube.

There are two game modes. In easy mode there are 4 different coloured squares, while in hard mode each square is numbered 1,2,3 or 4.

When the game loads it is in "toy" mode where players can experiment by sliding any row or column to get used to how the grid works.

The game starts properly after pressing the player presses the Sqramble button, and it records the number of moves made and the current time taken.

If and when the player solves the puzzle a score is derived by multiplying these two attributes, so the lower the better. This score can be submitted online (powered by Scoreloop) so players can compare and compete with friends worldwide.

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