Voles club is a funny game.
Helping the voles in reaching its bread and cheese is the motive of the game. It is very simple and easy to play.

How to play

Voles Club is a 15 levels simple and funny game. The objective of the Voles Club is to help the voles to reach its bread and cheese.

* In every level you have many Voles, food for Voles, danger zones and guides. You are helping Voles by avoiding them to go near danger zone, using some guides.
* Each Voles should eat food and if the Voles go to danger zone they will die.
* When the Voles come near danger zone you can use guides to save them. Voles change their direction by touching or dashing to these guides. And you can also use guides to show the way for Voles to reach their food.
There are 15 levels in this game and as the level increases Voles increases as well as danger zone increases.
* You get 100 points when each Vole eat its food. For each and every level there is a death limit for Voles. If the death limit is crossed, you will loose the game.

Enjoy the game by helping small little Voles in reaching their food and score more points.

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