Help Jade and Jady fight pollution by destroying the drums of toxic waste in this fun and addictive shooting game.

- Easy to pick up gameplay, great fun no matter what your age.
- Online leaderboards, can you make the top 20 in the world ?
- Combos and bonuses for those big score hunters out there.
- Retro graphics. Make your swanky iPhone / iPod Touch look like a 20 year old handheld.

Sometimes you just want a quick five minute slice of unthinking gaming, this is what Zap is. Make that wait for the bus disappear in a shower of toxic goo.

*Note, we recommend a 3GS or 3rd gen iPod Touch ( 32gig + ) for this game otherwise the performance won't be high enough. Honestly, if you've got an older machine save your money*

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