FlipWorld is an exciting and entirely NEW KIND of platform game, featuring addictive gameplay that could only be created for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This high-energy, fun and unique, illustrated game is something you've never seen before and will definitely keep you running around the screen for a while...

In FlipWorld, you control gravity! The entire game is played around the device's screen - flip your device sideways to change the game-world's gravity - but you'll need to flip your device at the right time to avoid falling or crashing into the wall.
The game gets harder over time as the speed increases and monsters start popping up. Jump over monsters by tapping anywhere on the screen and collect apples and energy drinks for points and bonuses.

How far can you run? 
Can you beat your friends??

- Normal, Energized and SuperEnergized speeds.
- Bonus Worlds.
- 12 Different Monsters!
- Submit score to Facebook to challenge your friends.

- Rotate the device 90 degrees to avoid crashing into walls.
- Tap anywhere to jump over monsters and reach bonus items.

FlipWorld - Must Keep Running! 

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