iSadist is an action / puzzle game (more action than puzzle!) with one simple goal in mind...


Gain points by flinging Goober down stairs, down a well, into moving traffic, and other hilarious and challenging scenarios!

iSadist's addictive game play will give you hours of fun, honing your Goober-hurting skills. iSadist features beautiful graphics, advanced 3D-physics simulation, and joystick-based controls - all courtesy of the Unity3D Game Engine. Sweet music tracks accompany the game, licensed from SoundRangers!

Visit the iSadist forums at to make your suggestions for future iSadist levels - our developers are listening! If we use your idea in our game, we'll put your name in the credits!

Follow us on Twitter at @nt7games!

Due to the processing demands required to couple our graphics and physics calculations, iSadist is designed to be run exclusively on the iPhone 3GS.

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