Shake-A-Verse Pro allows you to add categories and verses. Or you can use the already pre-installed categories to:
- Test your knowledge
or someone else's
- Memorize the "Romans Road"
or other categories
- Test your kids
- Encourage yourself with a
random verse
- Use the "Worry" category to
help remind you how to
handle things
- Use the "Marriages"
category to stay focused on
your marriage
- Use the "Anger" category to
help stay calm

There are over 15 "short" categories to choose from. You can even choose the 16th. category "Whole Bible".
1. Anger
2. Budgeting / Finances
3. Business Owners
4. Contentment
5. Debt
6. Giving
7. Grumbling
8. Honor
9. Investing
10. Leadership
11. Marriages
12. Music
13. Obeying Parents
14. Romans Road
15. Worry
16. Whole Bible

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