Word Rush is a game that will raise your love of words to a new level.Change each word one letter at a time to spell the target word in as few moves as possible. Your knowledge of words and theirspellings will be tested to the extreme as you weave your way from word to word, as quickly as you can. You will need to thinkahead to plan which words to use or you will out spell yourself and have to take a step back, missing out on the bonus points on offer.Each correctly spelt word will increase your points multiplier so the more consecutive words you get correct the greater your final score will be. If you're a word expert you will rack up some serious points this way, but dare you gamble the multiplier on a word you're unsure of?The more cautious player may take their time and use the free hints to ensure they don't make a mistake. However, as the levels progress the clock starts to count down faster and faster, and you will need to think and act faster to stay in the game.- Race against the clock to reach the target word.- Avoid making mistakes to keep increasing the Score Multiplier.- Solve the target word in as few moves as possible to gain bonus time & points.- High score table records the Top Ten local scores.Are you ready for the Word Rush?

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