Welcome to a world of hurt. Blade Battle is an exciting new fast-paced game from XMG Studio, an award-winning game developer in the 2009 Best App Ever awards.

Blade Battle offers razor-sharp gameplay and an arsenal of devastating weapons to use in fierce battles against cleverly menacing AI-opponents. It’s a frantic fight-to-the-death as you try to eliminate an onslaught of relentless opponents that grow harder and stronger with each new wave. Explore and battle in over 30 unique theme based levels that offer exciting new challenges and require new strategies for each new Arena. Do you have it what it takes to go the distance?

Gameplay features:
- 4 characters to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics (faster, heavier etc.)
- 5 enemy types all with unique, challenging AI
- Pick up weapons and power-ups throughout the game including Missiles, Triple Missiles, Uberblades, Magnet Mines, Proximity Mines, Maces, Speed Boosts and Health Boosts
- Uses accelerometer to control speed and motion of your character
- Tap the screen to jump on or over enemies. Stun them and go in for the kill!
- Tactile feedback (iPhone only) and exciting high-quality sound effects throughout the game
- Finely tuned physics engine
- Awesome graphics
- OpenFeint-powered leader board and achievements

Look for more from XMG Studio team!

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