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Happy thanksgiving everyone! To celebrate this and the upcoming release of an updated iRagdoll HD, we give you a 50% discount starting this Thursday.

iRagdoll HD is the ultimate must have app for your brand new iPad.

Interact with skinned ragdolls in an infinite 3D world, with realistic motion and effects like explosions and impacts that create cracks and holes in the ground. Smooth camera movements make sure the ragdoll is always in the view while you take control of the ragdoll's destiny. It's really up to you how you treat the poor ragdoll. Why not change the gravity to create the illusion of being on the moon, in space or just watch everything in slow motion? Why not use all your fingers when interacting with the ragdoll or when tapping to create explosions? Watch the ragdoll from above and trigger explosions that will let you have a true close encounter with the ragdoll.

Now, go on and create a complete mayhem!


• Choose between three different ragdolls.

• In-game music and cool sound effects.

• Manipulate any body part using the touch display or just tilt your device to see the ragdoll slide or roll helplessly on the shiny reflective floor.

• Trigger smooth animated explosions by tapping anywhere on the ground and watch the ragdoll getting thrown into the air and then hitting the floor resulting in cracks and holes. The more explosions you trigger simultaneously the greater the effect will be on the ragdoll.

• Orbit around the ragdoll by interacting with the environment.

• Turn the device upside down and watch the ragdoll disappear into the clouds only to return when you tilt the device back again.

• Use the settings panel to change parameters controlling gravity, friction, bounce and softness of the ground.

• Change the gravity and find out how a body would move while being on the moon or in a state of complete weightlessness.

• Choose between four beautiful sky settings.


Thank you for all reviews and cool suggestions for future updates. Please mail your ideas and any bug reports to


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