Solitaire Favorites combines three of the most popular Solitaire games, Klondike, FreeCell and Spider into one package specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad features and larger screen.

Each game has a variety of options including scoring, multiple undo, statistics and game modes. Full use of the touch screen to move your cards. Cards are large and easy to read and the iPad's large screen allows full view of the playing table (no scrolling). Win a game and enjoy your surprise!

For Klondike, play 1,3 or 5 card draw, normal or vegas scoring and full animation.

For FreeCell, you can choose from 100,000,000 games and the first 1,000,000 game numbers match the Windows XP version exactly.

For Spider, play 1,2 or 4 suits.

Solitaire Favorites is THE Solitaire game exclusively for your iPad.

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