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A big galaxy storm is coming towards our solar system. Mankind fortunately is prepared, they developed a device to save us, called: the ‘Gravity Disruptor’. This device enables you to bent the rules of gravity in outer space. With this device you can alter the path of storm objects to prevent collisions with the planets. You are chosen to operate the Gravity Disruptor and save the solar system!! Move objects strategically and crush them together!

Universal Storm is an arcade action game designed for instant gaming. It is dynamic, easy to grasp and entertaining at the same time. Beautiful backgrounds of the galaxy, stress relieving explosions and yet a puzzling depth within the game play, resulting in a battle for the highest score to be compared online.

Universal Storm is a arcade trip of several episodes, beginning with the first: 'Learning to survive'. In this episode you will learn the basics of the game. Each episode (read update) unfolds a part of the mystery of the universal storm. Stay tuned and discover the story!

Or just release your daily stress by crushing the comets together and start scoring online!!

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