Didn't you wish at least one Valentine's Day that you can find your pair? Didn't you ever want to feel the magical thing called love? Didn't you wish to be stroke by a cupid arrow and everything to turn in great? But what if...? you could be one of the cupids. Yes, yes one of those naughty little angels with the magic bow, fluffy wings and can make people happy?!?
"Valentine's crush" it's all about that.You play the role of the cupids and you have to shoot down hearts. They are floating and the sky is full of them. For every heart you shoot you'll receive a number of points. But the main idea is that the heart you'll shoot should fall on top of a person so you can make him happy and receive a bigger number of points. I hope you've got a good archery skill because the number of arrows is limited.
So why don't you prove your skill and determination and start making some people happy? See who can make more points, you or your friends. Play "Valentine's crush" now!!

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