The only thing that is as exciting, as exhilarating as performing the "perfect" park-job in real life, is tackling the same task on your iPad. Best of all, there's no need to worry about getting your car scratched by the "sloppy" parkers out there. With a touch of quick thinking, earning tips, is as easy as dragging your car to its spot. It's up to you to determine whether you need to back in, pull through, or circle the lot a few times to get the high score. So, are you ready to start your shift and become a Valet Hero?

*Deceptively simple, yet surprisingly deep.
*Unique combo based scoring system that rewards quick thinking.
*Total graphic overhaul, with new higher res art and detail not seen in the iphone version.
*Gameplay so highly addictive, you’ll have trouble putting it down.

Valet Hero LE includes 5 unique lots, each with 3 difficulties, plus an endless Marathon Mode challenge!
*New exclusive levels, as well as a few returning classics.
*As the lot fills up the challenge increases.
*Park a wide variety of cars, while trying to avoid others.
*The better you park, the better your tips.
*Perform “back-ins” and “pull-throughs” for an added bonus.
*Keep your combo going by hitting the gas!

Game Features Include:
*Listen to your own iTunes music while playing.
*Quick save and resume. Valet Hero saves your game upon exit, and is waiting for you right where you left off when you return.
*Color blind mode: Shapes cover the cars and spaces, so you still know where to successfully park your cars.
*Choose where you want your HUD to appear, on the top of the screen or bottom.
*Lefty flip mode: Are you a lefty? We got you covered. Flip the positions of the pause and gas button to make parking those cars easier.

On the way:
*More exclusive levels, unique to the iPad.
*Angled parking will make it’s debut for a new and added challenge.
*And more surprises on the way!

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