2-4 players can dogfight over a network in Wings! You are the pilot of a WWII fighter plane. Under attack from all sides, the enemy is trying to blow you out of the sky. Use your lightning fast reflexes and cunning strategy to be the last one alive...or die a horrible death as you plunge into the countryside riddled with bullets.

Wings - the high action arcade game, brings full on dogfighting action to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Various game modes let you play against 3 other players over WiFi or Bluetooth, against another player on the same device or go head to head against a squadron of computer controlled pilots of increasing intelligence in practise mode.

Fly one of eight different fighter planes. Weigh their pros and cons against your skill and style of flying.

Master the intuitive controls, and dominate the skies!

In network games, mix and match iPad vs iPhone vs iPod touch. All three types of devices can play in a single game!

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