“3D Archery” is the first casual game works of “Game Colt Studio”.

To meet different use habits of customers, three operational modes are provided in the game.

At the beginning of the game, players have 120 seconds and 12 arrows. If hitting the target, the number of arrow will not become less.

In the game, to get higher scores, players have to use items and take into account influence of gravity and wind power.

Players whose scores range in top 3 will be stored in official website database, so that all players will share the joy of the game.

Tip 1: rational use of items will get various encouragements

Types of items: time stop, double score, increase targets, halve gravity, and increase time, arrows or barriers.

Tip 2: you will get triple scores for the 11st hit, if you have already got 10 hits in succession.

Tip 3: you will get time bonus after hitting the target. The higher the cycle is, the more the time bonus will be.

Tip 4: please keep high hit rate.

Other tips are remaining to be discovered by players.

Wish the game will bring you an easy and pleasant experience!

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