Tap the screen to set off a chain reaction, detonating as many bouncing balls as you can.

"Boomle's great to relax to after a long day."

Tapping anywhere on the screen creates a single explosion. Any of the floating balls it touches will cause that ball to explode. This continues until the chain reaction finishes. If you detonate enough balls, you can continue on to the next level.

Each of Boomle's 12 levels gets progressively more difficult, with fluid movements and gentle sound effects. Can you predict the pattern in Boomle's random movements? Can you not only pass a level, but can you detonate all the balls on the screen? Learn to play, and relax at the same time!

• Peaceful gameplay.
• Listen to the chiming sounds each ball makes when it explodes.
• Increasing difficulty as levels get harder.
• Easily resume your previous game if you get interrupted.

Try it today!

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