Well, you don't actually break crayons but you certainly will break lots of interesting blocks lovingly rendered in full crayon glory. Oddly, this game is actually a lot like juggling but better. Here you can't break anything other than the blocks on the screen.

With three different difficulties you can have fun no matter what you like. If you're the type that likes to relax and just enjoy silly games, pick easy. You get tons of free balls and don't have to worry about that annoying timer running out. If you really like to push yourself, pick impossible (Hint: it's not really impossible) and prepare for a ball breaking speed trial!

How to play

Use your thumbs to move the paddles on either side of the screen. If you pull the paddle to the edge of the screen they turn red and catch the balls. If you push them closer to the action the turn green and throw the balls back into play. Use the balls to break the blocks but watch out for invincible blocks, gravity blocks, and portals. If you want some more balls, shake to deploy more.

Main features

* Free!
* 34 levels in 4 courses with a bonus marathon
* Gravity blocks
* Portals
* High scores
* Great for kids
* Amazing full color graphics that were totally not drawn with crayon... Ok I admit, everything is crayon. But isn't life more fun with a little crayon?

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