D.A.X. (Duck Arcade eXtreme) is the addictive 3D duck shooting arcade game for iPhone and iPod touch you have been waiting for. With high-detail FULLY 3D Graphics, fast paced gameplay, hilarious sounds and accelerometer-based aiming mode, it’s guaranteed to keep you playing for hours.

It features a mixture of realistic animations and scenery with cartoon like duck models, real shooting sounds and funny redneck voiceover according to game progress.

Due to the accelerometer-based aiming mode, the game becomes a challenge even for the most experienced gamers, with achievements and rewards based on aiming skills and accuracy. Aim sensitivity may also be adjusted to suite your shooting style. You can also move left/right to see more of the play area and discover hidden in-game secrets. Ducks fly in different patterns and location across the scene.

Grab your gun and start shooting those pesky ducks that keep invading your precious farm. As further away the ducks are, as many points they’ll provide. Keep an eye on the ducks popping briefly behind the bushes; get them before they hide back or you will temporarily loose firepower.

Unlock the machinegun, a very useful and powerful tool when you’re facing a swarm of ducks. Don’t shoot the cows, the windmill, the windows or the hot-air balloon flying in the background or you will get various penalties consisting in points lost, less firepower and in addition the ducks that you shoot will provide less points till the penalty will expire.

There are hidden things to be discovered and secrets to be unlocked in the game, so try and find them !


- FULL 3D Graphics
- Accelerometer-based aiming mode with sensitivity tweaking
- Fast paced gameplay
- Smooth animations
- Realistic sounds and funny redneck voice to keep you entertained
- Customizable sound volumes: music, voices, fx
- Play your iTunes music over our customizable jukebox
- Publish your results on Facebook
- OpenFeint social network
- 23 unlockable achievements you get points for
- Online Leader board to compare against your friends or all other players
- Offline personal highscore using OpenFeint
- Chat in real-time with others through OpenFeint
- Round statistics: shots fired/missed, accuracy, ducks shot, penalties, machinegun used
- Ranking system based on round statistics


See the game on this YouTube links:

...or check out our application website.

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