iScorAgricola calculates player scores for Agricola. It provides 3 colorful screens, making it quick and easy to use. For each player, touch the number for each item on the screen, and then touch the color for the player. Once familiar with it, you can score an Agricola game for all players in 1 or 2 minutes. Screen 1 computes the points from fields, pastures, grains, vegetables, sheep, boar, and cattle. Screen 2 computes the points from unused spaces, fenced stables, house rooms, cards and bonus. Screen 3 provides the final scores as well as scoring for the Farmers of the Moor expansion. It also lets you replace the color names with player names for sending the scores via email.


Agricola is a strategy board game designed by Uwe Rosenberg © 2007 Lookout Games. Some graphics (from Agricola game parts and pieces) are used with permission.
iScorAgricola (iPhone app) © 2010 NSpired Pursuits.

To simplify and speed up the scoring, one screen of items is scored at a time for each player. Detail is not retained moving forward from screen to screen. Subtotals are not retained moving back from one screen to the one prior.

Returning to screen 1 from screen 2 clears the scores for all players.
Returning to screen 2 from screen 3 clears the scores for all players.

If you make an error in scoring, you can easily and quickly do it over. Final scores can be retained and distributed by sending the scores via email.

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