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Top #26 Arcade Game in the USA
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The list goes on... Jailbreak is in the TOP50 in 44 countries!

Appolicious: "The iPhone game Jailbreak: Voice Onrush has an admittedly cool concept."

Touchgen: "If you like either Pac Man or stealth games you will love Jailbreak: Voice Onrush."
"this comes highly recommended for those of you seeking a decent stealth game or just some old-school arcade kicks"

Lots more love and continue to love playing this unique game of pixel madness and stealth. Be novel, try it!

In Jailbreak: Voice Onrush, you take on the lead role, waking up with no memory of who you are. Save for your name, all information of you has been destroyed. In its place, something within you has changed. Hunted down by an unknown enemy, you must find a way to escape your pursuers using your new found powers. Will you be able to escape?

Story Mode: Go on the escape of your lifetime through multiple levels and a variety of environments. Challenge yourself on three difficulty settings!

Free Mode: Replay exciting levels that you have cleared, setting new records!

Survival Mode: Unlocked after completing Story Mode, you must survive against impossible odds and avoid capture at all cost while collecting time orbs to extend your time allowance!

Jailbreak: Voice Onrush is adapted from highly rated Nintendo DSi Ware game Escapee GO! rated 8/10
"With a little over fifteen different mazes to make your way through on three difficulty levels, fans of maze-escape games won't go wrong by choosing this one."

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