Have you ever gone into battle not knowing where your opponents or teammates are hiding?  Kaboom! Chess is the first casual chess game that truly combines the element of luck and strategy.  Players of all skill levels can enjoy the endless fun since no two games are ever the same!  

Take on the three difficulty levels of the AI, and develop your own playing style as you battle.  Challenge a friend to a duel and see whose team will be the last one standing when the smoke settles!

Learn to love the sheer power of the cannon piece, as it blasts and demolishes your opponents! 

Whether you're a chess fanatic or a casual gamer, you'll appreciate the unique challenges and addictive gameplay Kaboom! chess has to offer.  This is your chance to explode into the Kaboom! scene!

- Single or Two player mode
- Three levels of difficulty to select
- Four different themes that appeal to all ages
- Save / Load game to play later
- Highlighted indicator of possible moves
- Convenient access to identifying ranked pieces
- Display of captured pieces
- Smooth and exciting graphics

Version 2.0 with online play feature coming soon!!

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