The coolest FULL featured chess clock on available for the iPhone:

1. Will continue timing in background (note: alarm will not sound)

2. Cool sounds to indicate time is up

3. Simple 1 touch reset function to begin a new game

4. Fully customizable times for black and white.... as much as 9hrs, 59 minutes, as little as 1 minute

5. Fully customizable move counter for black and white upto 999 moves

6. True Fischer and Bronstein adjustment modes. Adjustments as little a 1 second, upto 9 minutes, 59 seconds.

7. Pause functionality enabled

8. Tracks total playing time and total elapsed time
Simple data entry

9. Settings are retained if application is closed

This is a chess clock that you will be proud of.... replaces bulky chess clock with stylish iPhone / iTouch application

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